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Jul 21, 2017

Hi, all - 

I am a new Storyline 360 user. I've found and am using a great template I found here. However, there are a few things I need to edit to make it work for me. For example, I need to ask a multiple choice question but there is only a template for a T/F question. Can I add more choices to that question? And, on the objectives page, the box for each objective floats in, but I don't see the boxes as separate objects, so I'm not sure how to add my text to come in at the same time as those boxes. 

Thanks in advance.

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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Ellen, 

If you share the link of the template you are using, it is easier to answer your questions and more. However, without seeing it, let me answer your questions; 

  • If it is a True/False question, you can't add a new choice. However, it is possible to add multiple choice questions or Pick One free from question and copy the objects and style of the slide. 
  • I think boxes floating in are grouped. You can ungroup (if they are of course), and make the changes you want. Then regroup and add the entry animation again. 
  • If you don't want to group them for any reasons, adjust them on the timeline and be sure they start at the same time. You might want to test a few times since text files appear a little later than other visuals most of the time. 
Ellen Price

HI, Alyssa - 

I've got another question on the same template. Is it better to start a new discussion thread or can I ask you here? Feel free to re-direct me.

The tabs page that is a slide template does not appear to be a master slide. I have edited a slide with the tabs labeled how I want, and I'd like to re-use them. Can I make a slide a master slide? Or, can I somehow use button sets to insert the same labeled buttons into multiple pages?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ellen,

Each of those slides is already a template, so you don't need to add it to the Slide Master. You can import the slide, make edits to it, and import it again as a brand new slide. The edits you made won't carry over each time you import the slide. Here's a Peek at what I mean. Let me know if that's what you had in mind!

Ellen Price

Hey, Alyssa. I've got another question for you that I haven't been able to answer from the User Guide. I want to show a new layer for feedback to a quiz question. I have created the feedback master, but it appears over the question before any choice is made.

Where have I gone wrong? Do I need a trigger for incorrect/correct answer?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ellen,

Try designing your custom feedback layout on the default "Correct Feedback" layout. Before adding your own slide elements, click and drag the default elements offstage. Otherwise they tend to appear on your feedback layers when you don't want them to!

Keep in mind that feedback layouts will be used for every quiz question, so you won't want to include feedback text that is specific to just one question. You can add specific feedback text on the layer itself.

Another option is to create a custom layer for each quiz question. Ashley explains how right here! 

Ellen Price

Hi, Alyssa - 

Thanks for the above info. My issues for today are: 

-Slide 1.4: I created a marker, but I can't get the caption box and text to appear in front of the text that is below it. I have tried to send the caption text to the front and the base layer text to the back, but I'm wondering if it's a layering issue? 

-Slide 1.6, tab "Prevalence", after x-ing the pop-up: can you tell me why the caption boxes from the markers are all black and how to fix it? They do not appear that way when I am authoring.

-Finally, my scenes are numbered chronologically, and appear in order on the left-side of my screen when I am authoring. However, when I preview, they are not in the correct order on the outline down the left-hand side. 

Thanks in advance for your help.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ellen!

On slide 1.4, the marker is on the base layer, and the "Introduction" slide layer is on top of the base layer. Therefore, the text on the Introduction layer will cover anything on the base layer, including the marker caption. You may want to remove the marker from the base layer, and add the marker to each slide layer instead.  

On slide 1.6, I do see that the marker captions are black, but I don't see any settings that would cause that to happen. In any case, if you select the caption and manually change the label fill to white and the caption text to black, the captions will appear correctly. 

To reset the menu in the left sidebar of the player, click Player in the Home tab, then click Menu. Under the menu outline, click the Reset from Story button. 

Ellen Price

Thank you very, very much, Alyssa! I've fixed everything from above. 

Do you have any thoughts about the best way to cite sources within the text? The best option I'm seeing is using superscripts with a hotspot that then pull up a box with the source info. If I do this, would it be better to use different layers or change the state of an object (the text with source)? If there's something easier, please share! 

One other thing I've been struggling with is getting the background I want from a content slide template to become the background of a question slide. When I insert the template and then try to add a q/a, it takes me to a new, blank slide. Any help there?

TIA! Ellen 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen, 

So many great questions! As far as citing sources, I'll defer to the community as they're the best to handle how to and design related issues (our focus is technical support). I'd also suggest reaching out in the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! 

For your question about templates, have you tried adding in one of the question templates for that theme and then working on editing that slide? 

Ellen Price

Thanks, Ashley! I'm not sure that they're great questions, but there are many, for sure. :)

I took your advice and asked the Building Better Courses about in-text citations and got a great suggestion.

Regarding the question template... so what I want to do is use the background from a template for a content slide as the background for a question slide. When I insert a template for a question slide, I get the question format, but then when I try to change the background (by right clicking and selecting format background), I can adjust the 'Fill' options, but all of the 'Background' options (where I would insert a new background photo) are grayed out. This happens in both the slide editor and in the master slides. Am I in the wrong place for editing this slide?  

And, another question. I'm trying to use the slider tool with three different "stops". I want different objects to appear at each "stop". So I think I need to use variables, and I can get the objects at the first "stop" to appear correctly by saying "show object when variable =1", but I can't get it to work for the other two. I've read a bunch of discussion posts on it, but nothing is sticking for me. Any help there?

Thank you, thank you.  

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ellen!

To change the background of the question slide, have you tried right-clicking and choosing another background from Apply Layout? 

For the slider, it would be helpful if we could see what you've got set up so far. Once we've got an idea of your set-up, the community can tweak your file and make suggestions for next steps. That might be a good question to start a new discussion--you're likely to get more eyes on it that way! 

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