Changing a slide layer into a slide

Aug 05, 2012

Hi everyone,

SL layer functionality is great. However, sometime a layer is better served as a separate slide. In these situaion, is it possible to convert or duplicate a slide layer into a separate slide. It seems that the only way to do it now is to copy the objects from the layer and paste it into a new slide then delete the old layer.

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Nosipho Zithutha


Hello, my name is Nosipho. I'm working with Articulate Storyline. I'd like to know how to change a slide in Storyline. I'm still learning how to use Articulate. As a result, I sometimes delete triggers without realising it, resulting in broken training because the slides no longer flow as planned. In that case, I want to be able to replace the broken slide in my training by copying a slide from the master file. Could you please advise me on how to replace a broken slide without having to re-code it?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Nosipho,

Thanks for reaching out! 

There isn't any way to restore deleted triggers by importing them from Slide Masters. The triggers on a Slide Master function differently from the triggers on the base layer. In fact, both the triggers on the Slide Master and the base layer can trigger on your slide depending on how you set them up. Here's an article which you can check out to learn more on how to use Slide Masters in Storyline 360. 

The best way to correct the navigation of your course is to manually recreate the missing triggers in the broken slides. You can use Storyline 360's Story View to check which slides are missing triggers for navigation. 

Hope this helps!