Changing a state of object when MCQ answer is correct

Hello dears,

I want to change the states of an object when the user makes a correct answer in a MCQ question.

What I thought of is...
1- Creating a variable called Q1_Answer, Type=Number, Value=0
2- Adding a trigger: Set Variable(Q1_Answer) to value 1, when the timeline ends on this slide, if: Continue Button (The one that the user clicks on in the correct feedback layer) is = Visited (And to 2 if the continue on the incorrect layer is visited)
3- Going back to the main slide and changing the state of the object to the desired state when the timeline starts on this slide, if Q1_Answer value is 1 and another for 2

Is this too complex ?? And is it right ?? Is there any easier method ??

Really hope I make sense 

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