Changing Articulate player colours post publishing.

Nov 19, 2014



I was wondering if anyone has any experience in changing the look and feel after a project has been published.

What I am looking into is the possibility of changing the player skin colours post publishing.

My company has many different compliance e-learning courses and we are currently looking at bespoke branding for our clients, we have our own versions of the course which clients would like to use but have their company colour schemes in place, obviously I can reproduce each project file with a different player set up and then re-publish this and host in a different directory, what I am looking for is changing just the player from a published aspect.

I have been looking into this and tracked down the HEX colours in story_content/frame.xml and story_content/frame.js when changing this the output on a desktop ignores the updated frame files, but when testing via an ipad the player colour has changed.

Would the "flash" version of the player displaying on the desktop be editable post processing in the same way as the HTML 5? Also is this contained within an SWF file or am I looking in the wrong area?


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