Changing default colour settings on Review Quiz

Mar 25, 2014


I'm re-purposing a course created by someone else in my organisation.  They used the automatic Storyline quizzing features which includes a review quiz option.  I've never used this feature but it's all working well so I don't want to fiddle too much.

When you review the quiz it shows you each answer with a green check next to the correct answer and a green or red bar across the bottom that says correct or incorrect depending on how you answered it during the quiz.

The colours used on this correct/incorrect bar in particular clash with my design - our corporate colour is red and this is a totally different red.  I was hoping to either remove the bar or change the colour, but I can't see any way to do this.  When I go to 'Edit Results Slide' and go to 'Options' I can see that I can click 'Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing' but this activates or deactivates the check, it doesn't seem to affect the 'correct'/'incorrect' bar, and I can't find the template Storyline is drawing on to create these review slides.

Any suggestions or is this default unchangeable?


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Miriam de Jonge

Thanks S. Yu!  I guess that thread confirms that I wasn't missing how to do it.  In the end the solution in that thread didn't work because to show the layer in the template meant I could not see my review layer with the question feedback (unless I was setting it up wrong...?).  But then I realised the obvious low tech solution of just putting a strip of my background across every review slide and I get the same visual result.

Will definitely report this as a feature request, thanks Ashley!

ruchi dhabale

Thanks for your response, but i want to edit that feedback its urgent from client side,

can u tell me what type of settings u did for Multiple response question, as attempting first time, it shows submit button, and after reviewing it directly shows the preview and next button, how its done?

Please respond me as early as possible

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ruchi, 

If you take a look at the custom review options you'll see how easy it is to change it. The feedback layers that you'll see immediately after answering a question are something you can edit as detailed here.  (If you need information for Storyline 2, please see this tutorial)

The change from the submit button to the next/previous button in Review happens by default if you're using the built in review functions from the result slide. 

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