Changing Menu Items to show sections have been visited

Mar 14, 2017


I'm working in Storyline 2 where I have one menu slide that leads to four sections that are each 1 to 3 slides long.  I'd like to change the look of the menu section title to reflect that the section has been visited.  I've attached the change of look to clicking the hotspot for the section so that the font color changes upon return after completing a section.

It works from section to section.  If I visit section 1, when I return that section's title is change.  But when I click a different section and view it, I return to find only that section title is different and the other is back to its normal look.

I have layers that appear to change the title appearance.  A variable changes to 1 when the hot spot is clicked, and when the user returns to the menu slide I have a trigger for each section that changes the corresponding title appearance if the variable for that section has changed (due to the hotspot being clicked).

But the different sections aren't all changing to reflect every visited state.  Only the most recently clicked section.  Also - I have all layers and the original slide set to Resume saved state.

Hopefully this makes sense.  Any help, theories, or flat out "That won't work ever." responses greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi James

if you are using the built in states and using triggers that can sometimes cause funky behaviour. Also, do you really need the hotspots - can the user click directly on the section button and you have the text of the section button as part of the button and not another object.

I'd recommend you duplicate visited state and call it 'completed' then on the menu slide add the triggers:

Change state of Section 1 to completed when timeline starts on the menu slide  on condition (variable sect1 is true) - repeat for all sections.

Happy to take a look at your file if you'd like to share it - just use the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload.

James H

Thanks, Wendy!  

You've given me something new to work with, but the challenge is the client gave me the design as is and I don't have buttons per se.  I have a four square grid and I'd like the entire section of the grid to be clickable, hence the hotspots.  Do you think they're the culprit?

I've attempted something similar to what you've suggested.  I'll try it again.  I wish I could share the project but I'd have to scrub it of client info, etc etc.  But let me fiddle with your feedback and see if I can make it sing.  I was using variable trigger to "1" instead of true/false, I'm going to try true/false and revisit the state function instead of showing a layer.

Let me know if any other ideas pop up!  Thank you!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Daphne

there's usually a few ways to do things in SL so without seeing your file it's hard to say what's happening/not happening with the hotspots except to say hotspots have their place and since you can't have states on a hotspot sometimes they are harder to manipulate to do what you want.  Sometimes in place of a hotspot you can use a shape that has a fill colour set to 100% transparency not a shape with no fill to which you could add states if you needed to.

All the best with your project.

Cristina Colquhoun

Hi all, I've followed along here so that I can also change menu items to a "visited" state once the timeline starts on a certain slide. No matter what variable type I try - true/false, text, or number - it still won't change the menu item to "visited." 

Can you take a look and see if I'm missing anything? Within the attached file, there are 4 different menus you can visit. I've only attempted this on "Library Tour By Floor" --> "1st Floor." When you visit the 1st floor map, then use the menu to return to the "Library Tour by Floor" menu, the "1st floor" link should change to "visited." Please help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Cristina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out with a great description of what you would like to build along with your sample .story file so that we could take a look.

I'm assuming you're referring to Slide 1.5 and the first thing I noticed is the change state trigger happening when the variable changes, but that's happening on another slide:

So, I'd change it to a different 'when' as shown below. So that the project checks the value of the variable when the timeline starts:

In addition, you had the slide properties set to "Reset to initial state', which would eliminate any state changes you're defining, so I'd change that to 'Automatically Decide':

Check out your attached file to see how these changes worked and I hope that helps as you continue building your project :)

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