Changing multiple states using a single button


I am trying out storyline. The way I created the stage is having only 1 button and 1 image.Then I created 5 different states for the image. I would like the user to click the button (NEXT) to go to the next image (state). I've created a trigger that shows the next state but I can't let the user go to the third state using the same button (NEXT).

Is there a way I can do this or is this a limitation? Also, If I created 5 layers, can 1 button go to all the layers?

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Donna Morvan

Hello Gian,

You can use the same button.. but you have to use variables that will count the clicks.

You can create a number variable called "ClickCounter" and set the default value to 0

Then.. on the "button" - add a trigger to "add value of 1" when user clicks.

You can then reference this as a condition for when to change the state.. it can go something like..

Change state of object to _____when user clicks button on the condtion that "ClickCounter" = 1,2,3,4,5

You are essentially.. pairing the click count to a state..

Having said that.. I don't recommend this.

It's much easier to just put the states in different layers and duplicate the button (that will make it look like you are using the same button).

You can also check this thread out:

Kung may tanong ka.. ask lang

Hope this helps!