Changing or updating scene numbers

Mar 22, 2022

Hello. I added a new scene 5 to a SL 360 project. But scene 5 needs to be scene 3 and the others below should be 4 and 5. I was able to update the player menu so that it appears in the proper order, but can I update these scene numbers so they appear as I want them to? I suspect if I publish this to Word the numbers will not appear in the proper order.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Thomas,

Alas, there's no way to renumber existing scenes. 

You could get your scenes in your preferred order by doing this: 

  • Create scenes 6 & 7, and delete their auto-created blank slides.
  • Move all the slides from scene 3 into scene 6.
  • Move all the slides from scene 4 into scene 7. 
  • Delete the now-blank scenes 3 & 4. 

Be sure to rebuild the Menu. And carefully test the course again to ensure you didn't break any links. 

David Schwartz

Hi Thomas,

Here's an article about it, which basically shows cutting and pasting scenes:

Obviously save everything before trying it, but it should work, from your story view, to select current scene 5, and cut it. Then select scene 2, and paste. Current scene 5 should paste back with the correct number.

Afterward I would save the revision to a new copy of the file, just to be safe, until you can validate that all of your branching is still working as expected.