Changing "Quality" settings when publishing SL360 course doesn't lower image file sizes in "mobile" folder

Aug 01, 2019

I have a course that's ~65MB after it's been published with relatively high quality settings. About 55MB of that total size is consumed by the images in the "mobile" folder. No matter what quality settings I adjust, though (even dropping everything down as low as possible), the size of the images in the "mobile" folder appear unchanged.

Is there a way to lower the file size of the images in the "mobile" folder without resorting to image editing software?

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Scott Wiley

If you don't want to use external image editing software, the best approach would be to go multi-step process to "optimize" your images to the size they are seen on the stage.

For each image, right-click, save as (jpg for anything not requiring transparency). The import that now optimized image to your stage, and delete the original. Now all the images in your published folder will be at the optimum size for the display needed, without all the baggage data that would come along for a much larger size you don't need.

Hope that helps.

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