Lg file size: How do I find large images in course to edit them?

I need to get my published (zip) file size down.

My current published settings are: Include HTML5 output (I need this)

Custom Publish Quality - video - 4

audio bitrate - 32

image quality - 80

As I created the course I paid attention to file size of my images (at least I thought I did).

When I look in the published folder - mobile, I see large png images.

I went through my course to verify that those images had been reduced and were jpg when appropriate. Basically, the image I see in my course is not the same image (file size or file type) I see in the mobile folder.

I wish there was a way to find (seemingly) unused resources.

Also, what do the numbers/naming convention mean within the mobile folder?
Ex. 6RFCT9B4grF_80_P_40_0_360_540_DX1080_DY1080_CX360_CY540.png

This one image is 383 KB. As far as I can tell, it's not being used within my course.

I appreciate any info.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nicole,

There isn't a way to determine which files or images those correspond to without opening them within the published output. Some elements that can increase file size are unused slide masters and screen recordings - and you may want to check for those and remove from the .story file prior to publishing. 

Robbie Collett

This is obviously far too late to help the original poster, but if someone finds this like I did, here's what I found: you can go to the VIEW tab and select Media Library. There you can sort by size to locate images that might be causing issues. In that same place you can replace images with new compressed versions.