Changing shape sizes 'on the fly'

Oct 31, 2013

Hi all,

Have been a 'viewer' on this forum for long, finally putting a question of my own out!

I am trying to introduce a gauge (patient heart rate) in a course, and currently I just have a boring 'Heart rate: %number%' in a box on the screen, which I change by adapting the variable on the screen where needed (e.g. patient situation deteriorates because of a decision made).

Of course it would be way cooler if I could have a coloured gauge bar on the screen that adapts it's length when the variable changes... is this possible? Are there 'features' of a shape that you can access? Option would be to have 10 states of the gauge graphic as a workaround.

Any other bright ideas how I can achieve this effect? 

Thanks a lot! Miranda

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Miranda!

Glad to see you took the plunge and posted a question!

You're on the right track. You can build that graphic in Storyline or if you're familiar with other graphic tools like Photoshop or Illustrator you can build the assets there first.

As you're thinking, add the first graphic to the slide - lowest rate. Then add additional states to that object with the next 'rate' and replace the graphic accordingly. Repeat this until you have all the states you need and various graphic representations.

Then use your existing variable setup to trigger which state appears at which time.

Hope that helps.

Miranda Verswijvelen

Guess I was hoping I could access the shapes characteristics in some way (being a Flash programmer ).

Working with states will be very labour intensive if you have a gauge going from 0 - 150 and have small changes (+ or -1) throughout the scenario. I'll have to work with limited change options (only increases or decreases of 10 e.g.) to make it happen!

Thanks for your help!

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