Changing State Based on Previous State

Nov 30, 2012

I'd like users to click (or double click or right click) on an object and have it rotate.  I figured the best way to do this would be to create different states for each rotation.  However, when I try to set it to change states when I click, I run into a problem.  I'd like it to change to state 2 if it's at state 1, change to state 3 if it's at state 2, etc.  I was able to get this to work with variables (increment the variable when object clicked, and have a a slide trigger adjust the states of the object whenever the variable is equal to a specific number). However, I'd like to have a large number of objects on this slide, and slide triggers are not easy to copy and paste in bulk (whereas if I use object triggers for the rotation, I just have to copy and paste the object.)  Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong or misunderstanding? I've attached the version of my project that isn't working. Thanks!

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Jennifer S.

This is the one that works (using variables).  As you can see, the bulk of the triggers fall under the "Slide Triggers" heading.  This means that they a) are rather unorganized and difficult to sort through and b) have to be copied and pasted or re-added one by one every time I add a new object.  I'll make this work if I need to, but as I'd like to add quite a few of these objects, it doesn't seem the best solution.

Annie Jean

Hi Jennifer,

I understand what is going on.

I had fun looking at it...

Since English is not my first language it is sometimes complicated for me to give the right instructions.

So I join the file and invite you to look at the teacher's desk triggers. I have changed them all on single click.

Also note that the order of the triggers is very important. (you could then copy/paste the desk)

If you need furhter information don't hesitate to post back, will do my best to give clear information.

Have a nice day!


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