Changing state of a picture when variable changes

Apr 26, 2017

In a project I am working on I have an 8 stage process, but rather than making the learner work through the stages in a linear fashion I would like them to be able to choose freely and return to the menu page each time they have seen a particular step of the process. To mark the steps they have already seen, I am using two images of a card - one face down and then when they have visited the step i want the card to show face up.

I have put the face up image on top and with an initial hidden state and i have also put a true/false variable on the corresponding 'step' page (called step 1) so that the variable changes to 'true' when the user visits the page. 

on the menu page i have put a trigger meaning the hidden picture of the card shows when the 'step 1' variable changes but when i test this out the picture of the face up card remains hidden.

what am i doing wrong?

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Walt Hamilton

The menu page cannot see the variable change, because the variable changes on a different page. Variables keep their contents everywhere they go, but announce their changes only on the page that changes them.

On the menu page, set the trigger to change the card when the timeline starts, not when the variable changes.

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