Changing state of a picture when variable changes

Apr 26, 2017

In a project I am working on I have an 8 stage process, but rather than making the learner work through the stages in a linear fashion I would like them to be able to choose freely and return to the menu page each time they have seen a particular step of the process. To mark the steps they have already seen, I am using two images of a card - one face down and then when they have visited the step i want the card to show face up.

I have put the face up image on top and with an initial hidden state and i have also put a true/false variable on the corresponding 'step' page (called step 1) so that the variable changes to 'true' when the user visits the page. 

on the menu page i have put a trigger meaning the hidden picture of the card shows when the 'step 1' variable changes but when i test this out the picture of the face up card remains hidden.

what am i doing wrong?

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