Changing state of button on menu menu when a value has changed

Jun 03, 2014

Hi all,

Bit of an issue here that's been bugging me, wondering if anyone could help.

I have 1 true or false variable set to false.

On the last slide of a scene there are many buttons, and I have a trigger that sets the false value to true if all the buttons have been visited.

And lastly a trigger on the main page that changes the state of a button to complete so the colour changes once the false variable has been set to true.

Basically once all the buttons on the last slide in a scene has been clicked the user can then click next, and the button on the main page's colour should change indicating that the section has been completed.

Any help would be appreciated thanks


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Michael Hinze

Hi Alex, welcome to the community. Without seeing your file I can only guess that the problem lies with the trigger that uses the "when variable changes' modifier. because this variable is changed on the last slide, it won't trigger a change on the first slide. See attached a quick example of how to set up the triggers. Hope that helps.

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