changing state trigger issue

Dec 22, 2017

I have a slide 3.3 set up so the next button should change to state Normal when any of two objects on the same slide have been visited. I think I made an error  with managing states  but can't determine where I went wrong. 

thanks for any help.

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Wendy Farmer
Raymond Scholl

o the next button should change to state Normal when any of two objects on the same slide have been visited.


Hi Raymond

it seems to be working for me. I select Video and it changes the next button to normal, I select step by step and it changes next button to normal - see Peek video

Raymond Scholl


I agree it works when you just preview that slide, this is good to know. However, when I navigate away from the slide using the "watch video" or "watch it step by step" then return to the slide I can't get the next button to appear. I have the slide set up to resume saved state so i am at a loss. 

I attached a screen shot of the slide when revisited with an object selected and no next button. 

thanks for any help, 



Raymond Scholl


I tested your story with your changes and it worked fine. I mirrored your changes on my own for learning purposes and it didn't work. Assuming I goofed,  I then imported your slide and it didn't work.  

I uploaded the full story to see what you can determine. 

thanks for your patience with this & me. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Raymond

A few things:

In  your variable list you have four variables - this is the result of importing my slide in that had the variables attached.  You can see those variables with 0 next to them, you can delete them as they are not needed.  So we need to focus on the other two:

watchStep1 and watchVideo

There are two places the variables are used:

1. on the last slide of each scene you would set a trigger:

Adjust variable 'watchxx' to True when timeline starts. From your file I can see this hasn't been done.

2. on the main slide where you are using the variable in the change state of next button trigger (this you have done).

Look at the file I sent you and you will see a trigger on each of these slides.

Adjust variable 'watchVideo' or 'watchStep' when timeline starts on the slide.  

Trigger order is very important. SL executes triggers on a slide from top to bottom.  You should have the Set variable trigger at the top of the list.

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