Problem changing state of Next button when returning to menu slide

Apr 17, 2016

The attached pic  shows a menu slide where the pillars jump to their own sub-sections and the learner then returns back to this slide again, where the pillars change state to Visited. The slide is set to resume saved state, so that the audio commentary doesn't replay. When all the pillars' states are Visited, a trigger is set to change the 'next' button, (hidden at the start), to Normal. It does not work. Other events triggered in exactly the same way do work - for example, showing a layer, or making an object visible. If I preview just this slide, the next button does follow its trigger instructions and does become visible, but not when the page is previewed in context with the whole scene. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

This is actually something I've seen reported to our team recently so that our QA could investigate further. It seems that the "hidden" state for the next button is reset even though the slide is set to resume. As our team is currently investigating I don't have any updates to share, but the workaround another user mentioned was the adjust the "next" button based on a variable (not the visited state of other items) and that allowed it to reappear. 

Hope that helps and I'll also include this thread in the report filed with our team so that I can update you here if there is any additional information. 

Curtis Kynerd

Ashley, has there been any resolution to this problem? I am experiencing this now. 

I have a Menu slide with the NEXT button set to Disabled.  Are there settings I need to be aware of such as When revisiting: Reset to initial state?  I have it set as the first item in the list of triggers.  Also, it is conditional on the variables being true.  I have already tested the variables and they are changing to true as designed.  But, the NEXT button is not changing from Disabled to a Normal state. 

Curtis Kynerd

Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear on my question.  I do have a trigger to change the next button to normal on condition that 6 variables are true.  Each variable becomes true when a video completes on an individual layer of that slide. I have tested the variables and they all work properly, but the Next button doesn't become Normal.   I also tried to use 'when variable changes' but I couldn't get that to work either.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Curtis

you say 'when a video completes on an individual layer of that slide'

When timeline starts won't work to change the state if you are not returning to a hub slide.  

If you have one base layer with all the videos on separate layers of that base slide It's best to set the state change to happen on the final layer.  

If the user can view the videos in any order then you would need a trigger on each layer

Change state of next button to normal when media completes on that layer on conditions all your variables are true.  

Make sure it is the change state is second trigger on the layer after your variable has been changed to True for that video layer.


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