Changing States across many slides with one variable?

Aug 14, 2013


I am creating a course with Storyline with 2 menus- a slide with a main menu and a menu on the left hand side of each slide.  Learner can choose which way they want to navigate through the course.

If a learner clicks on topic 3 (for example) using the side menu found on the left hand side of each slide, we would like for all the topic 3s on every slide to be marked as visited. (Is this even possible?)

I tried creating several variables (I tried a true/false and number variable) so that if the variable changes (either to true or if it is greater than 1 when any of topic 3 are clicked) then all the topic 3 should change status.

So my triggers on each slide look like this:

Slide Triggers

Changes state of Topic 3 to Visited when variable changes

Object triggers

-Set variable equal to true when user clicks [on topic 3]

-Jump to slide 3 when user clicks [topic 3]

However, this is not working.  What has been happening is topic 3 on the slide I clicked on topic 3 is changing to visited.

Any suggestions?  What am I doing wrong?

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this is a common problem people have.  The trigger "when variable changes" only works on the slide you are on.  What you probably want is a trigger on each slide that says change state when timeline starts with a condition of true (for being visited on any slide)

I hope I am being clear.  If you want to post your file I or someone else would be glad to help with it.


Tabatha Dimas

Picking up on this older post, I have SL2 with 4 scenes. Scene 1 is an 'intro' scene and the last slide has 3 buttons for the student to select which topic to watch. Each topic has to be completely viewed (all slides in that scene), so I can't set a trigger on the button to show a completion check (hidden at start of slide) on click because simply using the button to go to the first slide of the topic scene does not mean they have completed the scene.

At the end of say, scene 4, I have a variable called Scene4Complete that changes value from False to True at the beginning of the slide timeline. When the student clicks the Next button they are returned to Scene 1 to the last slide to select another topic. I have a trigger that is set to change the state of the checkmark from hidden to normal when the timeline starts If Scene4Complete is equal to True. It's not working. The check is not changing states to normal. How do I get a variable that changes value in a different scene to affect change on an object in another scene?

Tabatha Dimas

Thanks for that, Can you help me understand why that makes a difference? All the objects have the same start on the timeline and it's the object state I'm changing, not the slide. So why does the command have to be tied to the slide and not the object (which is where my head thinks it logically should go).