Changing states for an image using variables

Oct 23, 2012

I've seen a few posts similar to this, but none of the solutions seem to work for me.  I have a feeling I'm not setting up my trigger correctly but, i'm not sure where my mistake is.

I've built a storyline activity that includes a quiz.  The learner can click on a coach then stat the quiz.  When they click on a coach a variable value is set to true and others are set to false.  On the question slide the selected coach appears at the top.  State of the image shown is determined by the value of the variables.  The image on the base layer works.  Once the user click submit, the correct/incorrect feedback box appears.  I've included a image on the feedback box that uses the same variable to determine the state of the coach image.  The state doesn't change on the feedback slide.  I'm a little stuck.

I'm working on trying to post the story file.  Company firewalls.

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Annie Jean

Hi Phil,

Could you give us more information such as the different type of variables and how many you use?

Also, how are written your triggers? (ex. : change state of Variable X to True when user clicks the submit button if shape 3 is selected...) If you are not able to upload your project, this could help a lot.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Phil Wilson

OK.  I've uploaded the story file as a zip.

Here is how it works.

The learner launches the course, after a couple intro slides they have a menu where they select a coach.  Upon selecting a coach a variable is set to true and 3 others set to false.  

On the question slide the coach shows on the base layer of the slide and the state of the image depends on the variable set. It works correctly here.

When the learner clicks submit, the correct feedback layer appears and the coach is shown again.  This isn't working as I expect it to, even though the variable value is correct.

Thanks again.

Annie Jean

Hi Phil,

I have tried several things including working with a single variable and I am not able to make the state of the character change on the feedback layer. To me, it looks like a bug.

I sugget that you report it and upload your file so they can take a look at it. You can do it here :

Sorry I couldn't help you more.

Have a nice day!


Phil Wilson

I open a support ticket with Articulate.  I'd like to thank Vira the support person that contacted me Vira for their help.  They were quick to respond, very polite, and honest about the problem.  I always get great service when I contact them. 

The outcome is this.  It sounds like it is a bug.  I sent my files and here is the response.

Thanks for uploading your project files and for allowing us to review them!

We were able to duplicate the issue you reported. Unfortunately, we were unable to determine a workaround. We have reported this issue to our Quality Assurance team for their review. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be addressed. I would recommend, at this time, to take a different approach so that you continue working on your project.

So that's what I did. I abandoned the changing states and did something diefferent. After this project is over. I might come back and revisit this.  Thanks again to the support at Articulate.

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