Changing States on Objects in Base Layer from Another Layer

Oct 05, 2023

Hi everyone,

Newbie here!  I'm using Storyline 360.  I've created a slide for a module I'm creating that asks several t/f questions.  When a user clicks true or false for each question, the correct layer shows up with the correct response, regardless of their choice.  Beside each question, I have both a green check mark and a red "X".  If they've answered correctly, which I test by looking at the state of each radio button for that question, I want to display either the check mark or the red "x" on the base layer when the user clicks a button to leave the layer.  However, when I return to the base layer, neither the check mark or the "x" are displayed.  

I've tried changing the state of the radio button selected to both visited and selected both in the base layer and the question specific layer, but it doesn't seem to work.  Tried hiding all the check marks and all of the red "x", and only changing their state in the layer depending on which radio button they choose, but still no luck

Any suggestions?  I've uploaded the slide.

Thanks in advance!


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Nedim Ramic

Hello Barb,

I uploaded a working copy of your story. For similar projects, I suggest properly renaming all objects so it's easier to follow (eg. q1 correct, q1 incorrect, q1 false etc.) especially when creating triggers on other layers that are targeting the objects on the base layer. Also, I recommend having all radio buttons be added to the button sets (eg. radio button 1 and 2, radio button 3 and 4 etc.) so their states (normal and selected) are toggled where only one button can be selected at the time. There are always more than one way to achieve the same result. Play around and check how everything is done, see if you can improve your project and find another right way to make this work.