Something odd happening with states on layers...?

Oct 22, 2013


I have a check mark on the base layer that is in it's initial state of "hidden", until the user clicks on a marker to show next layer, then, the trigger has the checkmark change state to normal (red).  When the user clicks the marker to show next layer, then goes to the next layer, the check mark is showing through from the base layer, even though the check mark is not selected in "base layer objects" to be shown.  

Any ideas?

There are no other triggers on the check mark, other than for it's initial state to change from hidden to normal, when user clicks the show layer button on the base slide.

BTW...the same thing was happening when I used the same marker, but rather than a check mark, I used "change state to selected" with a color change.  It was also showing through when user clicked the marker.



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