Hidden State of 'Marker' not changing to Normal in Slide Layer

Jul 01, 2020

Hello all,

I am facing an issue with the state of 'marker' not changing in a slide layer but somehow this works on the base layer. Below is a detailed description of the issue.

On the base layer, there are

  • 5 ovals (with normal and visited states) indicating process steps 1 to 5.
  • 5 text boxes (initial state is hidden) each pertaining to a process step.
  • Marker (initial state is hidden).

I have added triggers to change state of text boxes to normal when state of each oval is visited. (Users who click on step 1 will be able to view text box 1 and so on.)

Next trigger added is to change state of Marker to Normal when state of all Ovals are visited.  This works perfectly fine on the base layer. For some reason, when I try this on a slide layer, the marker state does not change.

Please let me know if this is a common issue and if there's a workaround to this.


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Jonathan Jones

Thanks for the input Sandra. I gave the objects on the layer a unique name but it did not seem to work. I actually need to create a layer and hide all objects on the base layer and then change state of the marker from hidden to normal, it does not work. 

The trigger to change marker from hidden to normal works on the base layer. It does not work on the slide layer (with objects hidden on base layer).

Bas Bruggink

Hi Jonathan,

I encountered the same problem. I used a "continue-button" on a slide layer, which should appear if my markers had the visited state. This does work on a slide, but not on a slide layer (This used to work in Storyline 2).

I added variables that change from false to true when the user clicks on a marker. Then I made a trigger for the continue-button which checks the variables. This works great with 2 or 3 visited objects, with 4+ your list of triggers will be massive :P 

An example for 2 variables:
(trigger that checks 2 variables)

change state of
When variable changes
[Variable name 1]
If [Variable name 2] = True

Then you need to copy and paste this trigger and switch the variables on the second trigger.

I hope this helps!

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