changing states to show layers

Aug 07, 2017

I have a base layer with 3 objects. I have triggers for each object to show a layer when clicked. Each layer has audio, and a trigger to change the state of the object on the base layer to "Visited" when the audio on the layer completes.

There is a trigger on the base layer to show a 4th layer when the states of all 3 objects are "Visited."

Whatever order I click the objects, it will not go to the 3rd layer. It will go to the first and second one clicked, and then when I click the 3rd it jumps right to the 4th. I don't see any errors. This is probably something simple I am missing.

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Michael Bauer

Hi Ken

Without seeing the source file, I am trying to piece it together.

I presume you have a trigger to hide layer when the layer finishes to return to the base, or perhaps a button? Put the trigger there to go layer 4.

e.g. at the end of each layer, "When timeline endsĀ or When learner clicks button X, jump to layer 4 if the shape of button 1 is visited AND button 2 is visited AND button 3 is visited". This will then move the trigger to get to 4 only at the end of each layer as opposed to the base layer.

If i have it all wrong, feel free to attach your file and one of the Heroes here can check it out!

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