Changing Story Size Mid-Project w/ Least Amount of "damage"

May 09, 2012

It looks like I'm going to be changing the story size of a project that's pretty much done.

Here's a lesson for everyone. I made my design minus Player options (no prev/next, title, etc.). And I made the design to fit perfectly with 1024X768, taking into account the 10px "Player Chrome". So far so good.

Well, a few reviews & plenty of feedback later, I now have added Prev & Next buttons, and it looks like I'll be moving buttons from the design to the top of the Player itself.

Needless to say, adding features to the Player increases overall height.

My initial Story Size is: 630px ... will I need to reduce this? With the added Player Tabs & Next/Prev, is 630 too tall for 1024X768?

I'll be testing myself, but wouldn't mind the communities thoughts on this situation and/or resizing consideration midproject.



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Ryan Martin

Since I've created the lamest SL thread ever, I figure I'll answer my own question with an update.

Dropped 20px from the height of the Player Size... seems all vector (built in) shapes resized themselves. Haven't checked if resizing is proportional. Needless to say, this resizing of shapes scared me to reverse the "story resizing".

Deciding to plug away on other to-do's. If I have time, I'll make a copy of the project when done and see how much grief resizing is going to cause me.

Can someone from Articulate, or Steve explain how SL calculates resizing shapes (and what about pictures) when Story Size is changed mid project. I'm only talking about a 20-60px change here. I can only assume this is not a situation you want to be in? Or just maybe, I'm making this more difficult than it seems... Hmm.

Nancy Woinoski

I tried resizing one project - it was originally  1024 by 740 and the client wanted to reduce the height by 20 pixels. (Since I was keeping the width but reducing the height I did not keep aspect ratio selected). The background images which where basically full screen jpegs seemed to scale keeping their original aspect ratio and no longer covered the entire screen. The videos resized but it seemed to me that the SL symbols I was using did not. It  was kind of difficult to tell exactly what was happening so I did not save the file.

I decided that it is best to set the size at the beginning of the project and avoid changing mid stream, but it would be good to know what is really happening.

Phil Mayor

Hi Ryan

Definitely not a lame thread, I tried this early on in my periodic table demo, I wanted to decrease the size, but nothing resized correctly.

I then tried cutting the objects before resizing then pasting (needless to say 7000 triggers dont paste well).

I then gave up,   So I am always looking at what is best practice for resizing

Brian Batt

Hi everyone,

Per this tutorial:

If you want to change the story size, it's always best to do it before you add any content to your slides. Otherwise, when you change the size, objects on your slides might need to be rearranged or resized in order to look right with the new size.

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