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Jun 05, 2013


I've been "blesed" with the task of making a project using this Storyline thingy, for some reason my boss thinks it has something to do with my job, graphic designer...

Anyway if he doesn't make easy for me I will. So I'm planing to build alll contents from "static" designs in Photoshop.

I made a prototype wich was OK and so BUT I was using 1024x768 images and now they come to say that thy need the sidebar and prev and next buttons included. All this makes the final size grow to 1260 or so.

The thing is: the final projecto or whaever the name is has to be 1024x768 including all the sidebar, menus and navigation that Storyline adds to the player.

What  would be the exact size of the images to insert if the hole player cannot exceed 1024x768??

Thanks a lot

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Mike Enders


It depends upon the options that you select.

The cool thing is that you can alter the canvas size to account for the elements.  To do so, you select the Design Tab > Story Size and then custom.  From there, you can define the canvas dimensions.

I hope this helps!


Bruce Graham

Hi Ruben, and welcome to the Community.

The only thing I can add here is that I created a similar course recently using multiple overlaid graphic design agency png files with transparency, and there was a latency in many of the builds and animations.

Saying that, some of my reviewers did not see this, so just be careful.


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