Changing the default call out on a screen recording

Oct 25, 2018

Is there a way to set the format for the callouts on a screen recording before recording.  I don't want to use the standard blue, and It is really a bit of a pain to go change each slide in the recording after.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ari! 

Check out this handy guide on how to customize your screen recording captions -- Accent 1 is the default fill color for shapes and captions. 

If you want to customize something other than the color, I would customize the first caption manually, then use format painter to apply the customization to the rest of the captions. 

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This is great, except for one thing. If i apply the colour change to the screen recording scene, it applies it to every slide in the project, which is not what I was hoping for.

So maybe I will restate my ask and see if it makes more sense

I have a project that has a number of screen recordings I would like to add.  I would like to have the automatic bubbles that come up in the step by step recording to be a particular colour and shape format.

I would like this format to be unique to the recorded scenes.

At present, I just record and go back and format paint each box.  I was hoping there was a more efficient way.


Any suggestions?


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Okay so I've found an interesting work around. 

If i record the screen recording in a different project, then import it into my main project, the design colour of that scene is not affected when I change the design specs.

If i record the screen within the same project and just have it as a different scene the change applies to all scenes native to that style, but not the one imported.

interesting quirk, but good to know.


Claudia Medina

Dear Alyssa,
I have a question for you. I am using SL3 and recording a software simulation in view mode. I customized the callout color and the text color, but I could not change the color of the light blue, semitransparent hotspot that appears with the callout when a user clicks on a spot of the screen. What would that be? An accent or a background?

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