How to synchronize objects (text and rectangles) with a screen recording that scrolls in Storyline 2?

Feb 27, 2015

I have a Storyline 2 screen recording that scrolls down (click and drag) to display the data at the bottom of a screen.

The screen has some personal data that must be masked. I accomplish this on a static screen recording by using an opaque rectangle and/or text box to cover the infomarion.

Is there a way to lock the rectangle/text box to the location on the scrolling screen recording so it will continue to cover the personal data as the screen recording scrolls? 

Thanks in advance!

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Jim Momsen

Hi M. W.,

Good suggestion...Unfortunately, the manual scroll in the video was very jerky and the Storyine 2 motion duration and speed of the object was too smooth - I could not sync them to keep the data covered and confidential.

Wound up eliminating the video scroll and modified the slides to look like a Page Down was selected.

Problem solved!

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