Issue with text entry in a step-by-step try mode screen recording


I was experimenting with ways to have some meaningful interaction for Microsoft Project training.  I thought that a screen recording would be one good possible way to do that.  The attached images are just from some "thinking out loud" to see how it might work.  I used "record screen" and put together something basic in MS Project, then inserted the recording as a step-by-step try mode scene.

When I preview or publish this, I have two issues.  First, it won't show the data typed into a field until after I hit enter, or submit.  Second, there's this strange little gray rectangle that floats over the text field as I enter data. You'll see it in the pics.

Does anyone have any suggestions about (1) how to get text to show as it's being typed in, and (2) how to control the behavior of that odd little rectangle?  I've attached two screen shots, from Preview, on the first and second screens in the scene.



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