Changing the default shape styles to create new presets

Jan 07, 2015


I have recently upgraded to SL2 and i notice that he standard shape styles are different.  There's one I used to use all the time in SL1 which is different in SL2 (subtle affect accent 1).  Do you know how I can get the old one back in my standard shape formats please?

Many thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mia, 

If you format a shape and want that same formatting to be used on new shapes in the same project, right-click the shape and choose Set as Default Shape. There isn't a way to add these to the "insert" tab or as a part of a Storyline library. That would have to be a feature request at this time. 

Adam Crespi

Glad to help; this is a great product with a dedicated team. :) I do wish in general Storyline had a more relative, defined project structure for assets and support files. I run around in 3ds Max and Maya extensively, and the referencing system and project structure of those respectively are things that a lot of developers could learn from.

Adam Crespi

Good call, Jay; I imagine the linked feature would function like a linked file in Illustrator or a loaded clip in Fusion. One of the big things that bugs me when inserting images in Storyline is this lack of link and the corresponding file bloat that comes with an embedded image. Again, maybe I'm jaded by working in enough programs that link while keeping the native project format small. Perhaps one of these days it will come.