Default shape settings does not apply to captions added on Record Screen

Jan 22, 2018

I have set my Default shape to green fill, rectangular colors, white text, no shadow on the letters. 

When I record with Record Screen and insert a Try demo, all captions ignore my default shape settings (grey fill, blue character, shadow enabled, round corners).

I read this article

and after following instructions managed to change color and font. Still I am not able to change caption shape from rounded rectangle to a regular rectangle with angled corners.

I have read but this is years old, and the xml file does not mention styles for shapes (and not a supported method anyways), I doubt it would have the outcome I desire.






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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Soren,

Like you mentioned, Storyline allows you to change the default color of your captions, but there isn't a way to modify the default shape of the caption. I do think that would be a time-saving feature to add to Storyline in future updates, so I'd be happy to pass along the idea for you!

What I would suggest for now is to customize the first caption manually, then use format painter to apply the customization to the rest of the captions. 

Joe Chabot

This is a pretty important and time-saving feature for eLearning. Imagine you have to create the see, do, try type of training, and each time you create them, you have to then go use format painter across 100s of slides. There are many things to like about Storyline, not having "style sheets" for recording objects is not one of them. I would advise your dev team to add a button to the pre-recording wizard that allows you to select and design captions for your captures. The options should be all inclusive for both fill and border options. The same thing goes for the text option in captions. Why do my capture captions have to come out with shadow text ??? It's not the 90s anymore. 


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