Changing the file name of Published Web Content

Dec 12, 2013


I noticed that once I publish the Articulate Storyline content to the web that the files therein are labeled story.html and story_htmal5.html respectively.  Is there a way to change the file names to index.html so it is recognized on webpages as the home page?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

Are you changing both of those file names or just one of them? You could also look at testing it at SCORM Cloud to see if it's something specific to how your LMS may be reading the content, as SCORM Cloud is an industry standard for testing LMS content. It does sound like you've found a workaround that'll work for you though. 

Steve Flowers

One other thing to keep an eye on:

Launching the LMS API connected file directly from your web server (yourserver/content-folder/index_lms.html) will probably throw a lot of errors. Launching the story.html file won't throw errors.

If your intent is to launch from a direct link for folks that don't want to be tracked, you'll probably want to refer to the story.html file. There are a few ways to use Javascript to alert users that their progress won't be tracked or retained. We've done this for content packages we wanted to expose to a broad audience of folks without LMS accounts.


Azizi Abdullah

Thanks Steve. I will be sending all users to the LMS. Courses were opening and running fine, it's just that the LMS administrators complained that the LMS kept throwing up errors relating to a missing index.html file. So I added a blank one, error gone.

The fact that a 'blank' file "solved" this error problem has me concerned that the LMS isn't serving up my content correctly, in particular HTML5 content, which I have no way of testing.

I think you're right, I'll need to alter the imsmanifest file and possibly play with Javascript, but will get back to you all when I've got the time for it. Thanks again.

Todd Haynes

In out testing, IE11 on Windows 7 and 10 comes up with a blank web page when we rename story.html to index.html. It does NOT resolve over to the story_html5.html file. It does work in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. I think IE gets stuck somewhere in the JS scripting in the story.html/index.html file and never makes it over to story_html5.html.

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