Changing the Font Color of the Text Entry Variable

Dec 18, 2015


I am trying to duplicate the  text entry field in Storyline that is featured in one of Articulate's examples titled "How to Greet Your Learner By Name" (click on link below).

All I want is for the instructions to appear in the color white, along with the learner's name.  First of all, after I create a text entry field, the following text displays: "type your text here".  When I switch over into preview mode, the instructional text disappears as soon as I begin typing, which is not the case in Articulate's example.  I thought the solution would be to create a text box and type "Enter your name here" and then to create a text entry field right next to it, however I cannot get the paragraph spacing to match in both the text box and in the text entry field, and although I changed the font color of the text entry variable to white while in Story view, the color of the font always reverts back to black once I switch over the preview mode.  There's got to be an easier way to accomplish this very simple task.  Assistance is greatly appreciated -- thanks!

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Michelle Whitfield

Hi Christie,

Thanks for forwarding the two links.  I don't believe the information provided in either of those links will help me to accomplish what I'm trying to do.

Since the link I provided is to a demo created by Articulate, is there anyway you can investigate as to who did it within your organization, because they already know the steps for what I'm trying to achieve?  Thanks.

Michelle Whitfield

Hello Mike,

I watched your Youtube video and then I watched the Articulate Storyline demo again ("Organic Gardening").  I didn't notice it before, but I just saw that next to "Enter your name here" that "type your text here" is displayed but quickly disappears as the instructor types in the name "Michael".  I didn't think that any text appeared next to "Enter your name here" which is what I was trying to accomplish (I thought the text entry field was blank).  I appreciate you taking the time to record a video and posting it on Youtube.  And Christie, thanks again for your help.

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