disappering text in data entry box when Preview

Jul 10, 2013

I have several text data entry boxes on my slide with instructions such as Type your First name, Type your last name , etc.  When I preview, all text is visible except what is in the first data box created.  If I delete that data box, then the text in whatever data box I created next disappears in Preview mode.   If I only have one  text data box on a slide, no text is visible.  For numeric data, no text appears, just the value.  HELP

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E Talboy


Thank you!  It worked! In other words, something has to be on the slide first, before the text data box, for the text inside to show rather than just a blinking cursor, right?  doesn't matter if it's visible to user or not, just that it's there in the timeline before the text data box.   In training exercises they always had us inserting a character onto the slide, but there was no mention of why.  I would have NEVER figured it out.  Thank you!!

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