Changing the Player Template of a File Shouldn't change the Course Title

Jun 21, 2021

I like to use Player Templates to keep all the Player Settings the same across multiple Storyline files within a project. However, there is one nagging thing about them that I keep meaning to ask about. When you change the Player Template, it changes the Title to whatever the title was when the Player Template was saved. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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Will Findlay

Also, when you do do intentionally change the course title, it should change the Reporting and Tracking Options > LMS Lesson SCORM Information > Identifier to match it.

These are just a couple of annoyances I find when publishing projects with multiple modules. I have to make sure the title doesn't get changed when I apply a Player template. And I have to manually fix the Identifier so it doesn't use an old title when publishing a SCORM version.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Will!

Thanks for sharing that you'd like a way to:

  • Name the Player and the course separately.
  • display an updated course title as the Identifier

I can see how both of these would be useful! We don't currently have a way to name the Player and course separately, but the Identifier should be updated when changing the course title. Here's what I see on my end.

Let me know if you see something different with the Identifier!

Steven Landry

Came here to talk about this.  I have been trying to re-save a custom player template without a title to prevent it from populating with some random title. I can't get this method to work.  I emptied the title field, and then de-selected the title checkmark and saved the template.

When I open an existing file and apply the newly saved template, the program just grabs the first text it sees from the first slide in the presentation.

This is kind of annoying.  The template should not auto-populate ANY title. LOL why would anyone want that?

I started looking into this because I didn't understand at first that the player template saves the title of your open course when you save the player template.  That was a problem because it kept overwriting the title metadata with an old title when I tried to publish.  

This was especially puzzling, since I de-checked the option to display any title on the player.

So now, part of my workflow when applying custom templates is spending a few moments un-doing  and double-checking all of the title assignments that the custom player template brings into the situation.  

Steven Landry

Probably the best thing would be to separate the titling function from the template import function.  AKA, let the user handle the metadata after importing the player. As it is now, the process feels like a "gotcha" moment all the time.  There are already plenty of pre-flight tasks to do without checking to see if the program has altered existing metadata without any user confirmation.