Changing the Slide Master being used for an existing Storyline project

Aug 12, 2016

Long story short, in January we rebranded our company and now need to update all of our Storyline courses to match the new format (company name, colors, fonts, etc). I have "rebuilt" the slide master and layouts and want to apply them to the slides for our existing courses.

The only way I can determine to do that now is to create a new project with the new masters and layouts, import the original slides, copy and paste the content from the old version to the new and then delete the imported slides. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work.

Is there a way for me to import the new slide masters and layouts into the original courses and then switch which master and layout is being used? 

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Walt Hamilton


Create a slide (even a blank one) that has the new masters, which it sounds like you already have ready. Import that slide into any existing course, and it will bring all its masters and layouts with it. Then change the layout on the course, and if you want, you can delete the carrier (blank) slide.

The fast way to change the layouts: Go into the master view. On each old layout that is used, place a huge shape with a bright color. Make them unique for each different layout. Go to story view, and you can see (even on the thumbnails) which slide has which layout. Select all of one type, and you can change all of them at once.

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