Combining multiple Storyline-files to one - creates seperate Slide Master for each slide (SL2)

May 29, 2017

We have 6 different storyline files, we want to combine to one file. Each of the files has his own slide master with multiple slide layouts. This has to stay this way in the combined file. So we expect 6 slide masters in the combined file.

We start with one of the files and import the other files, but storyline generates a different slide master for each slide! So a file with 80 slides, generates 80 slide master (with 10 slide layouts per master)! Each of the slide masters is used for 1 slide in the project.

Does anyone know why this is? And how we can avoid this? We have to change the slide master, but it's almost not possible this way.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katja,

Thanks so much for reaching out! We have seen an issue in Storyline 360 where a slide import creates individual Slide Masters and Layouts for each imported slide, but I haven't seen this reported in Storyline 2. I tried recreating the bug in a new Storyline 2 file, but I still need your help.

Could you share one of the troublesome files with me so I can give it a test on my end?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katja,

There isn't an option to "not import slide masters" but you could apply one of the basic slide masters to a set of slides before conducting the import and then the additional slide masters and their elements wouldn't be included. Once imported you could choose to apply the correct slide master across all the imported slides. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Pat. We weren't able to recreate this issue even with Katja's files, and we recommended a repair for Storyline.

I am still unable to reproduce with new Storyline 3 files on my end. If you run the repair and are still having trouble, can you also connect with our team so we can try to find a common thread? Thank you!

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