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Help with Slide Masters please. We have created a few template slides for a course and I tried to copy some design elements for the slides onto a blank slide in the Slide Master View (Duplicated a blank layout, added the content and renamed the layout). These master layouts are all available to apply to new slides within this project which is great. But is there a way to use these masters in a different project? Also, when I start a new project I only have 5 layouts available in the Basic Layouts section whereas a previous project displays 5 basic layout sections with multiple layout samples. Is this because Storyline displays layouts based on the type od slides created in each project.

Grateful for pointers.


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Sampath Sundar

Thanks Charles. I think the idea of saving the entire bunch of slides as a template and then use that for new projects will work. I can then duplicate the slides to copy the layout / delete the ones that I am not using. Tried saving them as themes but does not work as it is not just colour and fonts I am trying to save but callouts, buttons etc. and all I am getting when I import the saved theme is a blank slide.

Perhaps the ability to select a slide and save it as a template (or Right Click and Save as Template) might be a useful feature to have.


Sampath Sundar

Charles Zoffuto said:


Yes, you can save the layout, along with fonts and colors as a theme. To do this go to the Design tab and in the pull down for the themes you will see "save current theme". The other option is to save your current project as a template. To do this, go to the "file" button and do a save as. Under "save as type" select Storyline Template. Then use this as your starter when you create new projects.

Just tried this. Works!! Saved project as template in the folder with the other templates. It now displays all slides separately when I view the templates and I am able to select the slide I want to use. Problem well solved.