Changing the state of a picture

Hi everyone,  I'm trying to change the state of a picture and I'm really struggling with this one! I've attached my storyline file.

On slide 1.1 I need the user to click on the Introduction & Overview shape which will bring them to slide 1.2. When the user clicks on the text box I need that click to trigger the Introduction & Overview shape to change to a "Completed" state.  I've set up the normal and completed states for the shape as well as the change of state trigger on slide 1.1.  I've also set up the Adjust Variable trigger for the text box on slide 1.2.  When I go in and preview the course everything works perfectly.

Then I move onto the next shape, which is the Forms Solutions shape on slide 1.2.  I need the same change of state to occur with this shape when the user clicks on the text box on slide 1.3.  I've set up all triggers the same for the Forms Solution piece but when I go in and preview the course, all of a sudden neither the Introduction & Overview or Forms Solution shape change to the completed state.

Can someone please take a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong here.

Thank you!

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Julie Stelter

Use the built-in state of visited instead of making up your own state. So on slide 1.1, create a new state called visited. Copy the properties using the format painter from completed to visited. Delete the triggers on slide 1.1 that change the state. You don't need these if you use the built-in. You won't need the SetFormsSolution variables either.

Cheers, Julie