Changing the state of shapes

I've reached out previously on this topic and recieved some fantastic help, but I'm now trying to tweak that course and have two variables that must be true in order to change the state of the shape.

I'm attaching what I'm trying to do so you can see all the settings. What I need to have happen is when the learner is on slide 1.1 all puzzle pieces should be beige. When they click on the Electronic Document Signing puzzle piece it should take them to slide 1.2.

Once on slide 1.2 the learner needs to click on the two text boxes (not necessarily the HERE hyperlink), which are variable 9 and 10. Once they click on both text boxes, when they return to slide 1.1 the color should change to orange (showing completion).

Right now, upon first view of the slide 1.1, the puzzle piece is already orange even through nothing has been completed.

Another question I have is around users coming back in to view the course. Slide 1.1 will always be their landing page and the entire course is not expected to be completed in one sitting. How can I set this up so that when they log back in and open the course, all puzzle pieces that they've already completed and are marked orange will remain that way on future visits?

Thanks so much!

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Belen Ferrer

Hi Angela,

I'm not sure about the second question -- I think that if a user selects to pick up where they left off, the course will hold the variable values. Could someone else speak to this?

As for the other question, the reason your puzzle piece is already orange is that the default value of Variable 9 and Variable 10 is set to True. This means that when the program launches, those values are already True.

To have the piece start out beige, change the default value like so:

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

In regards to picking up where they left off, you'll need to enable the resume behavior as described here. This will also depend on the slide's revisiting properties as well - and I'd suggest using the "resume saved state" to ensure variables, states, etc. are kept upon a revisit. Based on what you mentioned though, about always returning to Slide 1.1, I'm not sure how you'd like to control that, as there is not an option within Storyline to ensure a course always starts at a particular slide.