Puzzle Pieces Seek and find

Aug 20, 2014

Hello everyone. I am developing a course for adult learners (topic not for profit board governance). The current idea is a jigsaw in a hexagon shape with 7 puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece contains specific information about a topic. I would like the learner to be able to select a puzzle piece in no specific order, access the information, and then have that piece "completed" in some way and for this completion to be tracked somehow so they can remember which ones they have already accessed. Ultimately, I would like them to be able to "earn" pieces of the puzzel and at the end receive a "certficiate" type thing that has the hexagon/puzzle complete again.

Attached is a capture of the starting slide. As you can may be able to tell with my need to take a screen shot and attach I am relatviely computer illiterate - so please bear with me as I try to muddle through this.



PS. If anyone is interested in knowing where I got this template I went to www.presentationmagazine.com where they have numerous free powerpoint templates for download.

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