Changing the States Style in a Question Slide

Is it possible to change the hover state of the choices in a Master Question Slide? I don't see where the default style of the States are defined in the Master (I know how to change them individually but am looking for a global solution).  For example, in one course the hover state on the answer choices is a blue glow and in another it's a gray fill. I don't see where this style is defined in the Master. 

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Kevin Thorn


The colors of question choice hover states are in a super secret special place....they are located in the color themes.

Go to DESIGN tab. Then all the way over to the right of the ribbon toolbar select the "colors" dropdown. By default the theme is Office. You can't edit built-in themes, though.

Next, go to the bottom of that dropdown window and select, "Create New Theme Colors..."

When the dialog window opens, you'll see all the colors for the current theme (Office). The new theme will be named "Custom 1" by default. Give your new theme a name.

The two you're looking for are "Accent 5" and "Control 1".

Create New Theme Colors

Control 1 is the light blue hover that you see when you rollover a question choice. Change this color to your liking.

Accent 5 is the glow you see around a radio button when you rollover a question choice. Change this also to your liking.

This is a handy little place to set all your organization's branding colors, too. For instance, "Accent 1" is the default color every time you insert a new shape. If you are working on project with a specific set of branding colors, set all your colors here.

Notice the bright blue for hyperlinks. If you want that to be Forest Green, change it here!

Hope that helps.