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Robert Lengacher

Storyline's built-in quiz types are famously impossible to format in any meaningful way. The reason is that the width of the drop-down field cannot be edited. To see for yourself, place your cursor in one of the drop-down fields, and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter on your keyboard to open the Size and Position dialog. Note that the width property is grayed out (disabled). For most objects, that property can be edited, but not on drop down quiz slides. Sorry that this is not a fix. I strongly recommend using freeform interactions as much as possible. Unfortunately, dropdowns are not freeform option. 

Please see attachment for quick and dirty prototype: We create custom "drop downs" using Pick One freeform interactions with pseudo drop downs on layers. We place two off-screen text boxes labeled "correct" and "incorrect" where there is a base text box with different states for each answer choice. When the user clicks the text box, it shows an extra layer where a pseudo drop down is displayed that is made up of separate text boxes. When the user clicks on a "drop down" choices, triggers change the state of the corresponding base layer text box to that state and hides the layer with the pseudo dropdown. Then two triggers are added when the user clicks the submit button that change the state of the off-screen correct text box to selected if the state of both of the on-screen choices is correct, or the state of the off-screen incorrect text box is changed to selected if the state of one of the on-screen choices is incorrect. This version is fully customizable and allows for additional distractors, but it is a bit more work.