Unable to submit interaction


After adding a text box entry box on the slide attached, the submit interaction drop down went blank and now i am unable to select this interaction as essay in the highlighted drop-down box in the attached image to get it on the result page to be able to track the question. Please can you help?

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chandrani,

It looks like from your first image it's now showing it as a question slide any longer, therefore there is no interaction to submit. You could look at using the "convert to freeform" button on the insert tab to ensure that it's set up as a question slide and has the ability to connect with the "submit interaction" element. 

chandrani das

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response—much appreciated. I tried all the free forms,
however in none of them i could enter the question. I need to be able to
enter the question (on form view) and want both the question and the text
entry in the text entry box to be tracked and printed out via the results
slide. I have attached screen shots of an existing question/interaction
(submit interaction with question and answer) and the one i tried to
convert to free form (submit interaction answer only), which i want to be
like the existing question (q 2of 3 or 3of 3 in the attached story file).
Please can you help?

I am due to submit this project soon and i would extremely grateful for
your response at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chandrani,

I see that your first slide is set up different than all the others - which were essay style questions? That isn't actually a freeform type, so your option was limited to a text entry which will gather what the user answered but not the question. You'd want to look at creating a new slide and having this set up with a essay or short answer question.