Character Bundles do not have any Asian or Indian Characters help!

I have the Character Bundle 1, went looking at 2 just to see if by chance there were asian or indian characters - and alas, no.  Guess I won't be purchasing. 

Articulate please add these!  For those of us who develop content across the world, we need as many various ethnicities as possible.

Anyway --- I am wondering --- do any of you know of any websites or places I can go to find something like this?


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Leila Rao

Hi, all. I use Rise to build a ton of my company's enterprise-wide elearning and I'm dismayed that there are no Asian Indian characters available for scenarios either. Considering how much the U.S. relies on India for it's workforce, I would love to see Articulate address this in the Content Library and in Rise. I, myself, am Indian and I develop training for over 3,000 of our employees in India and I feel terrible not being able to include an Asian Indian or Pakistani character when necessary in Rise.