Character Display Based on Answer to a Question?


wondering if anyone can tell me a realtively painless way to make a certain character display based on how a learner answers a question. Specifically, I would like a female character to display throughout the course if the learner checks the box for Female on page one; male character displays if learner selects male. Make sense?

I've figured out how to grab and diplay the learner's name throughout, based on their entry on page one. I'm going for a very direct, conversational approach in this course where the 'supervisor' character is working directly with the learner.

I tried to attach the first couple screens as examples so you can see what I mean but am getting an error....

Any tips, let me know!



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Beth! Phil shared an easy approach in this thread. He attached a screencast & a file too, in case you'd like to play around with the idea. Basically, you just create a simple variable which pays attention to which character the learner chooses. Then, on subsequent slides, you create a single character with multiple states (one state showing a female character, and another state showing the male). Then use a trigger on those slides to tell Storyline which state to display. Hope that helps!