Character Library

Dec 30, 2018

I build courses for middle and high school students, and I think it would be valuable to have characters that are these ages.  Would anyone else find this feature request useful?

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Anthony

I would find different ages useful.  Also the ability to change the skin tone of animated characters in the library would be great for when trying to pair characters together as families.  Link is to a feature request I previously submitted on this.

Cheers Christine

Andrew Fraser

I have only been using Storyline 360 for a few years but I have not seen a huge increase in characters. I write material relating to the aviation industry, but have not seen many characters, such as pilots, air hostesses etc in the group of characters. Will there be a time when other industries are added to the library of characters?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Andrew!

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! You're correct - we don't have any characters specific to the aviation industry, but I can see how this would be beneficial. I've created a feature request on your behalf so that our design team can see what customers are looking for when searching the Content Library. I'll keep you updated in this discussion on the progress of this request.