Character poses

Jul 20, 2020

Hello again! I'm wondering where I could find characters in different poses such as: 

  • lying in a bed
  • Sitting in a wheelchair 

I'm working on a few scenarios where a patient is in there home speaking with a nurse on the phone or via Zoom. Most of the character poses that are in the content library are standing, etc. Thanks in advance! 

Best, Lisa Munson

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Lisa,

Are you looking for photographic or illustrated characters? All of our illustrated characters include a pose with the character sitting in a wheelchair and at a desk, but unfortunately not sitting down without a desk or lying down.

I've passed your request along internally to see if that's something we could offer in the future! In the meantime, hopefully someone in the community can jump in and let you know where you may be able to find characters with those poses.