Male Characters Missing Alternate Hands On Hips Pose

Feb 06, 2013

Hello Wonderful Storyline Staff -

Let me start by saying how awesome it is to have such a robust cast of illustrated characters in Storyline - love, love, love them!  That being said, I came across something odd with the male illustrated character poses in Storyline.

  • All of the female characters have two different poses titled "Hands On Hips."  The first shows the hands in "fists" on the hips, the second shows the hands with defined fingers at the hips.
  • All of the male characters have two poses titled "Hands on Hips," but both poses are identical.  

I'm not sure if the duplication in the male poses is intentional, but personally I like the second option of the pose where there is more definition in the hands.  Perhaps this could be an enhancement in a future release?

Thanks in advance for looking into this - I know I speak for a lot of people when I say how much your time and effort are appreciated!!!!! 

Have a wonderful day -


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Diana and Rebecca!

First, thanks very much for the feedback and the information. I had actually never even noticed this before, to be honest. I did a little looking around and I was able to find some documentation on this and it looks like we're currently working on this.

To me, it seems like there's actually a duplicate for the males. I don't think there's actually supposed to be two poses for "on hips" for the guys. Then, again, I could be wrong Or, it could be that the guys are just shy. In either case, I totally agree that we need to get these guys set up properly! 

Thanks again for all of the information, ladies.. and some laughs, too.

I hope you both have a wonderful day


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracie, 

There was an offer for a character bundle with the purchase of Storyline 2 as seen here. So possibly as Phil mentioned, you didn't install them at home? If you need the install files again, I'd have to direct you to our Sales team to confirm that it was a part of your purchase - but they'll be happy to assist. 

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