How can customized photos work as avatars with different poses by using variables?

Jul 05, 2019

Hello all,

I know how to have users choose their own avatar and navigate the whole course by using the same avatar of their choice with different poses. The characters are all from the Articulate character library.

This time, however, we would like to use our own employee's photo as avatars, which means the avatars are customized photos (one male employee with various poses, while another female employee with the same poses) other than using the Storyline characters. 

Thinking of Variables, it is easy to use Storyline characters as avatars, changing the poses/expressions based on the slide needs. But for the customized photos, since every single pose is a standalone photo, how could variables work out in this situation? 

In a word, how to use customized photos with various poses(different photos) as avatars, so that the same selected avatar can be all through the whole course? Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance!


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Phoebe Lu

I have tried many ways, so far only one solution works out: I have to branch it to two versions, one version with the customized male employee while another version with the female employee, which means after the avatar selection slide, build two branches. The two branches have exactly the same content, just the avatars are different when it comes to the avatar slides. 

The cons of this solution is that the file size would be double, I guess. 

Any better solutions please?

Thank you very much in advance. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Phoebe. It sounds like for the two branches, the only thing that changes is whether it's a male or female avatar. Is there only one pose per slide?

If so, you can do away with 2 branches! Set a variable to decide whether the avatar is male or female. On each slide, the character can have a male state and a female state. Change the state of the character when the timeline starts to either male or female using the variable as a condition.

Feel free to share a mock-up of what you have so far to get more specific help!

Phoebe Lu

Hello Crystal, 

OMG! You really gave me a magic clue and I solved it!!!!! Yes, it works very well! Thanks a million!!!!

For others in the future who may have the same issues, I used the two customized characters, it doesn't matter how many poses/photos have to be used, just copy the "Male" character from the choice slide (this slide has both male and female characters) and then paste it on the slides as necessary. Then, set this Male character's original state as "hidden", then add two states on it: "Male State" and "Female State". 

Then, under "male state" and "female state", just simply change the photo/pose accordingly. It is all set!!! OMG, no idea why I was just dumb and overthought about it before Crystal's email. LoL

All in all, it doesn't matter whether the character is from Storyline or customized, just use the same solution. Cool!



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