Apr 24, 2018

hi..i have installed a trial version in my system, and unable to download the characters or Avatar's. Can someone please help me.?

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William Hirsch

Hi Parthasarathy,

The fully-functional trial of Articulate 360 includes access to a subset of Content Library templates and characters.  In terms of characters, you should be able to download and use the eight characters shown under, "Articulate 360 Trial" under [Insert] > [Characters].  I've attached a screenshot of the characters made available for use during the trial.

A paid subscription to Articulate 360 includes access to the entire Content Library templates and characters (and there really is a lot of great content available).  You can find more information about the trial here.

If you're having trouble accessing the characters I am showing in the attached screenshot, or you have any other questions at all, let me know.

-Bill H


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Parthasarathy,

You may also want to check that the network endpoints and ports listed here are enabled and opened. Those are needed to access items from Content Library and to download the items.

As William mentioned there are only certain characters and templates available as a part of the Articulate 360 trial. These Content Library assets are available during your 30-day free trial: 

Template: Velocity 

Photographic Characters: Al, Atsumi, Brandon, Laura 

Illustrated Characters: Andrew, Arthur, Lily, Marilyn 

All photos, illustrations, icons, and videos are included in the trial. 

Hope that helps!

sonica pujji

Hi guys,

This is a question ref the topic.

I have been able to download a few characters using Storyline 360 but I assume these are limited to use only on Storyline.

How can I use the characters available in the content library for an activity I developing in Rise?  Can I download these images and then upload them into Rise? Would be great to know if this is possible or not.

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Sonica! There are a few ways you can use Content Library 360 characters in Rise 360. What type of block are you working with? 

  • Photographic characters are included in scenario blocks.
  • Add a character to a Storyline 360 slide, then import that slide into Rise 360 using a Storyline block.
  • For other blocks that include images, you could insert the character on a Storyline 360 slide, right-click the character, and select "Save as Picture." Then, import that image file into the Rise 360 image block. 

Let me know if one of those options would work for you!

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