Jul 17, 2014


I'm using characters as buttons.

I'm using layers instead of states because I only want two "states:"

1. Selected (Colour)

2. Not-selected (Grey-ed out)

I have the characters on layers, and I cannot get the characters (from one layer to the next) to align in preview/publish view. They align in the .story file, but when previewing, they are not.

FYI - This does not happen when aligning anything other than characters (Ie. text boxes, images, shapes)...

I have tried compensating and moving the characters over slightly, but it still does align in preview.

I've attached a story file with the characters (and all else removed for simplicity).

Any suggestions welcome.

Many Thanks!!


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Jose Arroyo

Michelle DJ said:

Thanks Jose. I've tried and they seem to be lined up, but in Preview they are not.

Sorry, misread your post. You can create states for color and b/w images by using the edit states option. Then use triggers to change the states. You can do this in a single layer. You already have the normal state for the character as b/w. Go to edit states, choose selected, format the picture back to color, choose done editing states.

Edit: Wow.. just realized, the position moved slightly with the state change on a single layer as well. Sorry - I don't know why.

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